Grievance Policy

EFry is committed to operating with integrity and providing quality services. Those who do not believe this commitment has been met have the right to submit a grievance.

EFry’s grievance policy is posted in each program location. People are encouraged to take the following steps with their complaint:

  1. If related to a program, discuss the matter with the program supervisor, who will take any corrective action required within the boundaries of their authority.
  2. Should the complainant remain dissatisfied, they may submit their concern to the department director within 10 working days of the date it was raised with the supervisor. Failure to abide by the time limit may terminate further pursuit of the grievance. The director will acknowledge receipt of the grievance in writing within 48 hours. Investigation and any corrective action required, within the bounds of their authority, will be taken within 10 days. The complainant will also receive written notification of the resolution of the complaint and an explanation of any further appeal or recourse within 10 days.
  3. If the individual is still unsatisfied with the outcome or if the matter does not relate to a program, they may submit a request for intervention to the executive director, who will acknowledge receipt within five days. The executive director will take any corrective action required within 10 days and inform the client, in writing, of the resolution. There is no further complaint review after this third step. The executive director’s decision is final.

Grievances can be emailed to or sent by post to Executive Director, Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver, 402 East Columbia New Westminster, V3L 3X1. They will be forwarded to the appropriate party upon receipt. If assistance is required in making a complaint, any EFry employee or volunteer can provide this support.

At each step in the process, the grievance and action taken is communicated to the program director and executive director. All grievances and actions taken are reported to the EFry board of directors.

Where individuals have the rights to file an external grievance (ie. through the BC Ombudsman), they will be informed and assisted, as required, to utilize that grievance mechanism.