In 2002, EFry identified children with a parent in prison as a distinct, unsupported subgroup in Canada. In the absence of programs and services to help them, more than 60 per cent of these children will one day find themselves behind bars. The legacy of crime is all too real, but we know from other jurisdictions that it doesn't have to be this way.

EFry works directly with children experiencing parental incarceration through programs like our summer camps, Saturday Club and Storybook Program. We have seen their positive impacts firsthand. But with hundreds of thousands of children across Canada struggling with the reality of a parent in prison, we cannot help them alone. And so, EFry created JustKids, an initiative aimed at building broad awareness and support for children with a parent involved in the justice system.

JustKids is a movement. Through it, EFry invites social service organizations, governments, businesses and individuals to join together to help these children experience a brighter tomorrow by creating, delivering and supporting programs to meet their unique needs.

For more information on JustKids, visit www.just-kids.ca.