Justice System - Women

Volunteer Visiting

EFry volunteers provide information on community resources, support and socialization opportunities at the Surrey Pretrial Services Centre, Fraser Valley Institution and Alouette Correctional Centre for Women.

Community In-Reach

Women leaving prison often need support reintegrating into their communities and finding housing. EFry volunteers help inmates at the Surrey Pretrial Centre, Fraser Valley Institution and Aloutte Correctional Centre with this transition.

Downtown Community Court

The Downtown Community Court in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside focuses on repeat offenders of things like property crime and seeks to provide offenders with the help they need to break the cycle. EFry volunteers assist clients in understanding and navigating the court process.


Mothers in the Fraser Valley Institution for Women self-enroll in a six week program to learn the importance of prenatal self care, early infant development, mother-child attachment and parenting.